How to Take Minutes at Board Meetings

Taking minutes at board meetings is vital to record what the board has accomplished. Minutes should include details of the discussions and decisions made, as well as resolutions and actions.

A board secretary should make sure that the minutes are taken in a timely manner and in a fair manner. Even if the board discusses controversial topics, a neutral and accurate account is essential to safeguard the company from any legal issues that could arise.

All directors should receive draft minutes of the meeting for their initial review and corrections before they are ratified by the chair. Then, a further draft version, approved by the chair, could be distributed to any directors who have any follow-up to make regarding anything prior to the minutes are finalized.

It is important to include the presence at the meeting of each director, and any other participants who attend but do not participate in decision-making. This ensures that any dissenting remarks aren’t ignored or forgotten.

When you are dealing with a specific agenda item take note of the order in which it was discussed. This will allow an upcoming meeting to follow up on any changes.

As the person responsible for taking minutes, it’s essential that you bring all necessary materials to the meeting. This includes pen, notebook, and power cable. You should also have a backup device in case your primary device malfunctions or your pen isn’t working.

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