Attention-to-detail is what we’re known for, and it’s an attitude we take to everything we do. No matter how grand the concept, how big the picture, it is the practicalities and the details that ultimately make the project a success. Star Image offers a quite number of services to help clients excel with their communications efforts.

Bulk SMS Service

Star Image provides Bulk SMS Services as one way of sending out promotional or transactional messages with higher quantities simultaneously. Star Image helps organizations to spread various messages to their clients/target audience, and this service makes mass communication easier and more dynamic. Bulk SMS method is a very practical way of reaching out to a group of people on any occasion, from urgent notifications to special offers.

Copy Writing, Editorial And Multimedia Production

Do you need professional help with your communication tasks? Be it advertising promotional materials; brochures, billboards, websites, emails, catalogs, Newsletters? What about  donor success stories? case studies? Look no further, we are the best people for the job.

Our experienced personnel of videographers and audio producers provide total concept, scripting, and development of corporate videos, adverts, documentaries, audio jingles, video infographs, radio programs, and podcasts.

Document Translation

Are you looking to translate your documents? Document translation services are at STAR IMAGE’s core expertise. Our teams of expert linguists transform each document into a multitude of languages, with a selection of over 10 local Malawian languages, paired with fast delivery.

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