What is Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS serviceis a tool primarily used to communicate updates, time-sensitive offers, events alerts etc. to people that have opted in to receiving these types of messages from the sender.

Bulk SMS is supported by all phones, internet, and mobile-ready systems. People send trillions of messages every year, and 98% of texts are opened within the first five minutes or less of receipt. Bulk SMS service supports alphanumeric messages of 160 characters or less.

Bulk SMS services work because they cut through other direct communication channels. For example, statistics show that

  •  90% of people have their mobile phones constantly within reach all day, every day.
  • 80% of mobile phone users check their phones for new messages as soon as they wake up.
  • 95% of messages are read within three minutes of delivery when compared with a 22% open rate for emails.
  • When used for offer redemption, bulk SMS service produces eight times engagement rates higher than businesses normally achieve through email.
  • Businesses using bulk SMS services for advertising to support other marketing activities successfully reach 98% of their target audiences.
  • Bulk SMS service, if used for marketing purpose performs five times better than online advertising for creating brand awareness and increasing purchasing intent.
  • 45% of consumers prefer to receive offers notification via SMS compared to email (18%).
  • An additional advantage that mass text messaging service provides is the ability to deliver to all phone types. This also works well for businesses that target older demographic who may not yet be on the smartphone trend. Having a channel to reach all generations, without the limitation of a specific device, is a huge key to success.

Bulk SMS service has four functional units.

  • The Users
  • Bulk SMS Gateways
  • Mobile Network Operators (E.g. Airtel and TNM)
  • Recipients


These are individuals, businesses, organizations etc. who use bulk SMS service to promote their business, generate leads, send informative messages, etc. These Users use a bulk SMS gateway to send messages or to view message delivery reports, etc. They are the beneficiaries of bulk SMS service.

Bulk SMS Gateway Providers

A bulk SMS gateway allows users (i.e. businesses, individuals, organizations etc.) to send Short Message Service (SMS) to mobile network operators. They have tie-ups with mobile Network Operators; build user-friendly interfaces for the users.

Mobile Network Operators

Mobile Network Operators (like Airtel and TNM) is the first party in overall Bulk SMS Process. Mobile Network Operators play a key role in delivering Bulk SMS to recipients. Without them, users can’t send SMS. Mobile Network Operators revert confirmation signal back to the SMS Gateway after delivering messages.


These are people or phone numbers with mobile handsets who receive messages sent from bulk SMS portal. It would be extremely time-consuming for businesses to send each of their customers’ individual texts. Mass text messaging allows communication to be held at the same time as everybody who has opted into the service.

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