25 Killer Questions to Ask as a Consultant Emotional Health for Executives, Entrepreneurs and Employees

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Sometimes, people will come to multiple realizations regarding their lives and their choices during this process. When the therapist serves as an effective sounding board, the issues can be clarified. Questions between partners forms the basis of all business relationships (i.e. What can you do for me? What can I do for you?).

Sometimes, I would get excited about the project and start riffing on how the client could accomplish her goals. At other times, I would warm up to a question she asked and use up all of our time talking about myself. (Not good!) These days, I rely on a list of tried-and-true consulting discovery questions to draw out my prospect and get her talking about her goals, challenges, and budget. Of course, at times you and your organization would be better served by keeping your cards close to your chest.

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Business consultants are skilled in many different areas. They have in-depth business knowledge and experience, as well as strong analytical and problem-solving skills. They can help businesses with strategic planning, marketing, operations, and much more.

Instead of stopping with one or two symptoms, you can dig down to root causes. When evaluating a business consultant, it’s important to consider their experience, education, and certifications. Finally, it is important that you are aware of what services the consultant will provide and what their fee will be. Answering questions requires making a choice about where to fall on a continuum between privacy and transparency. What should we do when asked a question that, if answered truthfully, might reveal a less-than-glamorous fact or put us in a disadvantaged strategic position? Each end of the spectrum—fully opaque and fully transparent—has benefits and pitfalls.

What are consulting niches?

Considering they’ve already faced the same challenges, your relationship may thrive. I’ve spent a lot of time researching “competitors” to uncover lead generation pieces and landing pages that prospects look for. When you discard the enterprise-grade consultancies like Deloitte or Accenture, it’s almost impossible to find advisors via standard practices.


You want to make sure you’re also looking for attributes outside of skill sets that will best benefit your business. Most specifically in the consulting and coaching industry. You see, coaching and consulting is one of the few businesses that does not “require” accreditation. There are of course accreditation opportunities available for coaches and consultants to differentiate themselves from others, but truth be told the barrier to entry is lower than almost any other industry. If you have a phone and an opinion you can consider yourself a consultant. This one question can lead to a whole host of second level questions.

Who is on your team?

If they aren’t aware of the nature of their struggles and their ramifications, it’s unlikely they will ever be able to help themselves overcome them. A consultant is able to bring a massive change to their life. ” Will this help the company make an extra $5M, will they save tens-of-thousands of dollars each month, will they get a promotion, will they reduce their stress level?

  • If a new client is worth $20,000 to your client then you can start the discussion around your fee by associating it to the value your client will receive.
  • Most busy executives are mature enough, work with multiple well-paid opportunities, or take on corporate jobs that aren’t as demanding.
  • When you discard the enterprise-grade consultancies like Deloitte or Accenture, it’s almost impossible to find advisors via standard practices.
  • At other times, I would warm up to a question she asked and use up all of our time talking about myself.
  • It forces them to take notice and actually tell you why they wanted to meet.

You must learn how they collaborate with the rest of the team. When you interview a consultant, ask them about their collaborative style. Between social media, dedicated Slack channels, and online masterminds, the only thing standing in your way of making new connections and friends online is you. You can also use tools like HARO to connect with journalists and bloggers looking for expert quotes, anecdotes, and stories for their content. Respond to queries to get your voice featured as a thought leader in your consulting niche. Download our free guide to starting a successful blog and receive an 8-part planner to get your blog up and running.

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The answers to these questions will help provide hindsight into what challenges took place and how your consultant has dealt with. At the end of the day, creating a comprehensive list of questions while meeting a consultant will help you organize your lead list efficiently and make the right move. The following is a list of questions you need to ask to know if the consultant is the right fit for you and your company. I am a fresher in consulting field and i am confused about the starting point of question.

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While all of these parties work with businesses , that’s about where their similarities end. Consulting is about much more than giving advice, though. Consulting can include a wide range of activities, including problem diagnosis, data collection, feedback, strategy-building, and implementation. Regardless, your presence and willingness to ask open-ended questions creates space for the client to gain clarity. She takes time out of her day to meet with you and discuss a project.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, consultants make an average of $150,000 per year (or $62.93 per hour). Knowing ahead of time what kind of assessments a consultant is planning or capable of doing can help you prepare ahead. An evidence-based evaluation of the current standing of your business will only be possible with a thorough assessment. It is great to get “good” feedback from clients where they thank you for helping them out.

Personally, I found the ‘wrong questions to ask’ illuminating. Very easy to fall into simple, but not particularly helpful questions. Amazing questions, just one question before the last was not useful for my case. Answer these with your clients help and a major hurdle to providing solutions has been crossed.

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Yet the President has chosen to ignore dealing with the employee and instead masks the problem by convincing themselves they can solve it by focusing on a separate initiative. There are many questions that you can ask your clients in different situations. With the right questions, you can turn an entire sales conversation around. Elite consultants know how to ask the right questions — and when to ask them.

The tricky part though is that you also have to set fair expectations about the availability of your prospective consultant and how much time he would be willing to spare. Your best bet is finding a skilled consultant with a successful track record of working with similar businesses to yours. Business people offering services are only as good as their client’s feedback.

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You might have an florida income tax rate of how long you expect the project to last, but consultants might have a different idea. So when you meet with the consultant, ask them how long they expect the project to last. Although learning about their salary requirements is not as important as their experience, you should always as these questions. The reason this question is important is that you need to fit them into your budget.

When you decide to bring in a consultant, it’s important to learn how well they will collaborate with the team. Even if their contract is only a few months, consultants will still have to work and collaborate with your staff. Regardless of how big your firm becomes or how long your client list gets, keep your passion and expertise centered and you’ll always find success — for yourself and your clients.

Business consultants are brought in to help companies with a variety of problems. They can help a company restructure its operations, improve its marketing strategy, or find ways to reduce costs. Business consultants can be very helpful in times of crisis, but they can also be useful in more stable businesses. Their expertise can help companies make smart decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

It would be nice to know they’re willing to make themselves known as one of your clients. However, it is way better to hear them say how you specifically helped them. Most importantly, how long one has been in the industry implies that a consultant has learned several lessons and has been refined over the years. I’d use what’s here as a base and adjust as needed for your specific situation. If you enjoyed this article, please click the share buttons on the left to let your friends and colleagues know.

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It is conceivable therefore to recommend what may only be a short-lived ‘fix’. Costly to the client and to your reputation as a consultant. I am late to the party, but I like the questions as well as the insight behind them. Plus, much more to help you with your messaging, packaging, fees, and marketing to generate consistent leads.

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